IT Concierge

Reasuring IT Excellence and Confidentiality

Barefoot Technologies is a specialist IT concierge service for small to medium sized companies and their executives. With over 25 years of specialist IT experience, our clients get the results they need. 

Barefoot Technologies and its highly specialised partners provide an extensive range of practical technology solutions that separates us from other IT offerings. Barefoot’s focus has always been on solving problems quickly to ensure that people and businesses can continue to operate efficiently and with minimal interruptions.

Importantly, long term solutions are understood, identified and put into action to ensure that a safe, secure and efficient IT and knowledge infrastructure is in place. Key to all of this is the ability to operate from remote locations and across different platforms including Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, Linux, VMWare and other systems including mobile phones and devices. This further liberates the client while providing complete peace of mind. 

With a proven record for superior IT and technology solutions, Barefoot is well equipped to solve problems while guiding clients to better and more efficient and secure ways of operating in the digital world. 

We understand the needs of our VIP and time sensitive clients and deploy technology to monitor the health and security of their systems so we can be aware of potential problems quickly. 


While we are in the business of providing solutions to difficult problems, outlined here is a short overview of our Services & Solutions:

Home Internet Security

SECURITY SECURITY SECURITY - Do you have any idea how many home networks are already compromised? The numbers are frightening and most people are completely unaware of the constant attacks and penetration attempts taking place on their home network.

Most people assume that their current internet / ADSL modem it protecting them - but this is often not the case not by a long shot.

We have solutions to assess, protect and monitor home networks and bring peace of mind to parents and home users as well as block unwanted adware and other nasties.

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Concierge Services

A key component of any installation is the ongoing management of the deployed installation and helpdesk services. We will complete an installation with absolute clarity and integrity based on the assumption of an ongoing, long-term relationship. This management and its fee are based on server and client management and security model.

We will continue to monitor the installed hardware from remote and act upon problems in a swift and timely manner. We will also be present locally, to be able to give you a more dedicate kind of support.

Monthly support contracts are available ranging from 3 hours per week (2 hours remote support, 1 hour local support) to daily onsite presence. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Audited Security

As part of our ongoing commitment to security, an ongoing security audit is undertaken to ensure the system we maintain are as secure as they can be. We closed the doors and shut the windows to help the bad guys out.

Secure email

We know how to receive and store your email in a secure manner, without having prying eyes looking into your private information.

Together with our partners, we deploy secure email servers in Switzerland and/or Iceland and setup secure connections from your office location to those servers.

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Virtualization solutions

We work with Microsoft Azure, OVH Data centers and VMware vSphere solutions, in order to tailor you the perfect virtualization solution.

Already owned servers can be migrated to one of the above options.

Contact Us for a custom-made analysis and corresponding offer.

Offsite data backup

The most important IP a company posses is its data (and of course their staff) and if it is lost, stolen or hijacked - businesses fail. We offer extensive piece of mind and security by setting up and maintaining frequent offsite data backups or complete system replication. We offer a true turnkey backup solution.

Apple support

We offer extensive Apple support, from desktop to laptop, iPhone to iPad, hardware or software: we have the knowledge and over 25 years of Apple experience.

We can assist you to insert your Apple products into your existing Windows or Linux environment.


We can migrate your current Windows desktop environment to Apple Mac OS in a breeze.

We will take care of hardware, software and profile migration, first-use courses and local and remote support.

Network optimisation

If you find your current network to be sluggish or difficult to scale, we can provide the right solutions for you.

By upgrading your switches, separate your departments into dedicated VLANs, applying Quality of Service (QoS), we can significantly increase the speed of your internal network.


We find solutions to your problems and needs! 

Please Contact Us to discuss any IT issues you need resolved.